Sunday, 13 December 2009

Pera Marsh from the obs platform
Quinta do Lago looking east from the bridge ,airport in the distanceCape St Vincent some fisherman just down from the end of the wall

Booted Eagle with pre,Falesia Bridge

Quinta do Lago the salt pool to the west

Salgados/Pera Marsh Details of this bird here :- its great to get some info

Quita do Lago

Whos a pretty boy then !!!

Quinta do Lago

Cape St Vincente

Quinta do Lago

Ant nest

View from the old castle? near the cape, it was unnerving when you looked at the overhang with this huge thick wall on it, it's got to go one day.

View from the beach at Villamoura a huge gull roost here mostly Lesser Black Backs I paid a nightly visit light permittiing, and it was here as we where walking into the marina to look at the shops (not my idea) a Fan Tailed Waebler landed not 2feet from me on the only bit of perch around it sat there turning this way and that for what seemed like forever and me without a camera

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